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Blogpost 1: September 5th 2019

For the first blogpost for Introduction to Visual Communication, I drew a man influenced from African and Pacific islands’ art. For the past year my mind is always working and thinking around this style of art. I have researched and worked a lot on African art, and my artwork since my freshman year had been focused on these thin figures, with big ears and big hoop earrings. Further, I am a fan of the Italian artist Giacometti, who creates similar thin figural sculptures. Whenever I found myself doodling in class or in my free time I see myself focusing in this type of art.

 Moreover, the main colors I used are dark grey and blue markers in order to emphasize and create a chiaroscuro in the drawing. In order to create the highlights in the drawing I used orange crayon, and in comparison I used purple and orange crayons to create a contrast between the main figure drawing and the background. I find the image that I created a pretty stimulating visual since one may not see the true expression of the figure from a first glance, but rather think and process the image more.

I always had a passion about art, and the different art techniques and methods used in different cultures, countries, religions and traditions. I find extremely interesting the effect that visuals and art have on culture and everyday life, thus that is the reason I am compelled by the power of visual communication.

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